A memorable event Chinese New Year Celebration of Yes8sg

Yes8sg has New Year surprise for their new and old loyal customers

Singapore: January 2020, the New Year celebration of the Chinese community is going to be a memorable event as Yes8sg, a legal online casino, celebrates the event with new customers. The event is simply not a celebration of Chinese New Year but there is exciting news for the customers.

This trusted online casino is all set to reveal the surprise on the eve of CNY 2020. The new beginning of the year for the customers of Yes8sg is going to start with loads of happiness and surprises. Given below are the cynosures of the Chinese New Year Celebration 2020.

Highlights of yes8sg’s Chinese New Year Celebration 2020

  • Celebration and beginning of the new year with the customers of Yes8sg around the globe
  • The collaboration of Yes8sg and KOLs
  • Welcome to the new customers
  • Prizes for winners on that day
  • An event full of delectation and surprises

Yes8sg, a reputable online casino of Singapore, is marking its presence in the online betting industry for long. Their rock-solid reputation has brought them name and fame across Singapore. And now with this collaboration, they are going to gain attention across the globe. As a result, users’ trust will further boost their services. Their valued players never felt unsatisfied with their casino games and services. Their remarkable online gambling journey is proof.

This licensed and regulated best online casino Singapore is aiming to furthermore gain popularity and name in the world. And the New Year is a perfect eve to achieve their goals with a great start. The KOLs collaboration will support the casino and help it become the No.1 online casino Singapore.

Since long and for the rest of the years, Yes8sg is going to serve its trusted services to faithful customers. They have surprised their customers with more exciting events and programs in the past. But, this one is going to be unique in the sense that for the first time the casino is inviting KOLs. Moreover, the invitation is not sent to one KOL but four of them are coming to be a part of the celebration. And with their arrival and presence, the Chinese New Year celebration will become more memorable.

These key opinion leaders are already ruling the Instagram with their work. They are social media influencers and hence their arrival and collaboration with the casino will get more positive results. The online gambling casino is expecting to gain the attention of the followers of these KOLs with this collaboration. They are going to give a new platform to their followers where they can enjoy both gambling and sport betting games.

Casino, yes8sg is already a naming place to have fun and an experience full of delectation. The casino games are popular among the Singaporeans but they are becoming more favorite games to other countries as well. And yes8sg is the right place to enjoy those games. The casino offers a secure place to enjoy while earning. And with their trustworthy services, they are having loyal customers. To celebrate the New Year, the casino is showing their gratitude and how much they care for their customers. It will further increase their chances of getting new customers across the world and not only from Singapore. As a result, it will become the best online casino.

The reason behind inviting the key opinion leaders is to show how casino celebrates and welcome the New Year with the world. These kols are huge faces of Instagram and Facebook. Their followers are increasing every day and they are good for raising further popularity to the casino as well. Ultimately, their followers will get to know about the casino and their services. They can check out their website to check their words during the event. The event has the main purpose of joining with more and more people. The kols will be a path to this journey. Wenxian Huang, sabee, josephy li, and tzeqian are those kols who will be highlighting the event and casino’s journey till now in the front of new customers.

Moreover, they will host the event and distribute prizes to the lucky winners. The photos of the winner will get displayed on the casino’s website. The winners will get unexpected prizes, and goodies that they will win on that day. There are expected gifts for the VIP programs and new casino games. The tournaments will have more jackpots on that day. And everything will be more than just a celebration of the New Year.